Amazing Spider-Man #255 (1984) Vintage Spiderman Comic


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  • "Even a Ghost Can Fear the Night!". The international jewel thief extraordinaire known as the Black Fox breaks into an upscale Manhattan apartment! But regrettably for the aging burglar, the residents of the apartment are none other than the Red Ghost and his Super Apes! After capturing the would-be thief, the Soviet super-villain decides to put the fox to work for himself! When the Black Fox (with the Super Apes in tow) burglarizes a local jewelry store, he encounters another problem...the Amazing Spider-Man! Can Spidey juggle one fox, one ghost, and a trio of apes? Meanwhile, the web-slinger's new black (symbiote) costume begins acting strangely while its wall-crawling host is asleep! First appearance of the Black Fox. Cameo appearance by the Hobgoblin. Flashback cameos by the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Jack O'Lantern. 32 pages.

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